nullVerse 1This is how I know what love isThis is how I know I’m freeThis is how I know salvationJesus came and died for meThis is why I come to worshipThis is why I lift my handsThis is why I now surrender everything I amChorusBecause of your loveThere’s dancing in my heartBecause of your grace I am freeBecause of your faithfulnessThere’s a song that must be sungI will sing, I will sing because of youVerse 2This is why there’s joy within meThis is why my spirit singsJesus you’re my great adventure, You’re my everythingTagYou came to save the worldTo save the world, to save the worldYour love can change the worldCan change the world, can change the worldOutroI will dance, I will dance because of youI will dance because of you